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After years of hiding in the shadows, Wolverine’s newest arch-nemesis Romulus is revealed!


Bigger claws! Bigger hair!




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I Wanna Take You For A Ride…

2009 is quickly becoming the greatest year of my life.

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Thank you baby black Jesus for leading me to this holiest of holy treasures. I rarely buy anything here in Osaka, but I just couldn’t resist plunking down the ¥300 for some big noggin’ super heroics.


I was kinda disappointed to get Spider-man. I love Puny Parker and all, but it doesn’t seem special seeing him on funky merchandise, unlike the other characters available.




Ironman looks great with such an overwhelming melon.  The ol’ Canobble Head looks like he’s waiting for a swift kicks to the x-berries.


Now these guys are the treasures I’d like to score. With my love of all things Thing; Ben would be the greatest to get, but Hulk looks so freaking awesome too. Anger!


And then there’s the Secret….
Any Guesses?

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New Ways to Eye…Venom. Venom Eyes!


Ol’ Venom’s got eyeballs in his eyeballs, gah!

Although I am indeed digging the “New Ways to Die” jazz in Amazing Spider-man, this whole Venom thing is bugging me out man! I really hope it’s because Mac “Scorpion” Gargan is holding onto the zany symbiote at the moment.

Venom with eyes is so…not scary I guess! I wanna say disturbing, but the reason I like the “no-eyes” is the disturbing factor. You shouldn’t know where Venom is looking!

A McFarlane Spidey book featuring Venom is one of the first comics I ever bought (aside from Superman vs He-man), so I do wish the best for our pal here.


Just one more Venom gripe. He’s black with blue highlights (like Wolverine’s wicked hair), not blue with black shadow!!! Weez!


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A Little Magnetic Humour


Growing up on the mean streets of Welland, I was maybe an average comic fan at best. My brother had a big collection that I’d often borrow from, but it wasn’t comics that really got me into marvel.


Marvel Trading Cards (series one) is what made me first realize that I could get really crazed about collecting. I was addicted! This led to a somewhat obscure view as to how the Marvel Universe might work.


Not only did most of my knowledge stem from power ratings and the little trivia blurbs at the bottom of each card, but the spectacular feature “Spidey Presents” let me understand the characters on a deeper level.

Although looking at these now, I’m not sure how spidey’s recording with only a microphone…not to mention in space! This however was the real Marvel in my eyes.


Frank preferred to be called Francis, Magneto had a “magnetic ” personality, Cap got his powers from what he thought was a glass of lemonade. These were all things that I not only naturally thought to be fact for many years, but would eventually come under fire for and bitterly defend!

You can find these cards and the whole set (holograms included) here.

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You just-ust-ust don’t fu-uck with klaw-aw-aw

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