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Ishigaki a go-go


Life’s finally returning to normal in this land of sea cats.

Home now is Ishigakijima aka Welland on a Japanese Island. I’ve made acquaintance with the possible future mayor of this island, yet another honorable Japanese person that I pray doesn’t google me.

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What I Did On My Osaka Vacation


Everyone’s been asking about my trip to Gary and Yoshie’s wedding in Japan from a few weeks ago. Rather than repeating the same stories over and over again, I thought I’d sum it all up in one place.


My first night there Gary, Bobby and I hit the town. We wandered around Namba, Amerikamura and Den Den Town until the morning trains started running. Sorry for the blurry photo. I had been awake for 32 hours by this time.


The next day the entire family visited Osaka Castle. The castle was nice, if choked with tourists wearing identical Roots jackets. I preferred the grounds surrounding the area, with its battlements and giant rats.


The wedding ceremony took place in a temple nestled within a lovely hotel not far from Osaka Castle. I was unprepared for the group clapping that takes place in a Shinto wedding and did not take part. This was my one regret for the entire trip.


The only excursion we made outside of Osaka was a day trip to Kyoto, where we explored various temples and walked among the cherry blossoms. The perfect capper to an altogether wonderful journey.

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Nipponbashi Street Festa 2010

Never have I been more glad to live in Osaka than this past Sunday when I rolled my orbs onto the beauty that is the Nipponbashi Street Festa!


Here’s some more shots of the action.

Posted in Japan on March 22nd, 2010 by Gary

Set Rad Phaser to Stunned

This video really makes me wish I had a DSi and not a lousy DS Lite. I’m not sure, but it must use the DSi’s camera, sensing the face location or maybe it has a gyroscope? I don’t know, but I want it, man!

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Enter: The Wasabi Kitkat


One of my favourite things about Japan is the amazing ways they’re able to put wasabi into so many snacks. This though, took me by surprise.


The Wasabi Kitkat!


I tried it out with my fancy new fiance’s family. As I ate it I was delighted by the flavour! I turned around to tell them how great it was only to see a look of pure disgust on all their faces. I was the lone wolf lover of this spicy chocolaty treat.

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This was a free book from 7-11 that I really dug peelin’ my orbs all over. I really liked the solid art inside. I’ll have to get around to grabbing some more pics of the interiors to show off, but this pic of the cover’s my favourite anyways.

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Ninja Turtles Meet Japan = AWESOME

Consider my mind officially blown.

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What I Learned in Japan Today: ちかん (Chikan)!


ちかん, pronounced Chi-ka-n basically means “train pervert”.


There’s many cases of Chikan on the prowl. I’m sometimes lucky enough to hear tales of the Chikan from when my fiancé was in high school.


Her and her friends were in a mega-crowded train on her way to school. When they were getting out, they were shocked to find out that one of their skirts had a hole cut out the back. Ninja Chikan!

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Thank you, Japan.

During supper time here in Osaka, Japan my girlfriend’s mom and I try to teach eachother the ways our home countries.

It was while looking for the Atomu (Astro Boy) theme song in Japanese that we came across this stunning video. I felt like Indiana Jones finding the rarest of treasures. In seconds she was pages away and I had to beg her to return to it fearing it would be lost again forever.

I can now rest my weary soul in knowing this will forever available for easy viewing on fair ol’ I Was Ben.

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