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Dig that Rand Holmes


First, let me say how sorry I am to censor this fine art. Jobs will be saved! Just click on the pic to get the real goods. Rand Holmes is someone that I only learned about maybe half a year ago, but he’s got some really inspiring stuff.


On my Christmas visit to Vancouver I got to meet up with one of the guys I do work for and he was nice enough to not only introduce me to Holmes’ art, but give me a bunch of comics with his work! This issue I’m pretty sure must be some of his first printed work, but maybe I’m wrong.


Not only is Holmes a great Canadian artist, but he’s a hell of a writer! Baldric the Barbarian follows Baldric as he escapes the oppressive man-loving government, on the run for his perversive heterosexual way of life. Full of sex, drugs and barbarianism; Holmes puts it all together.


By Crom’s Great Bronzed Balls, indeed!!!
I plan on reading through all of Rand Holmes’ comics while commuting to work and back. I’ll add some more entries for the different stuff I have of his.


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know as much as I should about this man’s life and work, but I plan to find out more over the next few weeks. I really do dig his stuff though, it’s a real inspiration!


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Dig that Suehiro Maruo!


I was walking around town yesterday with a fellow teacher of the white devil’s tongue when he sprang some wild doodles on these rollin’ orbs of mine! It blew my MIND!!!! Argh!!!


 I could go on forever about about ol’ Suehiro, but I really just wanted to say how great it is to feel genuinely sick when seeing somebody’s artwork! I haven’t had such unsettling feelings since the days in my Grandparent’s cottage reading those old horror stories with skeleton boys and catwomen clawing at people’s faces.


Suehiro Maruo’s work is not only great in colour and draftsmanship in general, but it brings to me the feeling that if I walked into somebody’s room with his work on thier walls, I would never come out in one piece!


Unfortunatly, most of Suehiro’s fine work is either not available outside of Japan, or not translated. Thankfully though,  the fine folks at SAME HAT! SAME HAT! not only have many great articles on him, but have much of his work online and some translated manga by him too!:


I haven’t been able to check out much of Suehiro’s Manga work yet, but judging from this story alone, I’d say you’re in for a real treat! Poison Strawberry! Dig!!!

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Dig that Frank Quitely…


Frank Quitely is one of the first artists I specifically remember digging. There’s nothing I like more in a cat’s art than good storytelling and Quitely has this in spades. Seeing a well-known (or not) character drawn by him is always a real treat for me.

He made me start collecting New X-men after years of avoiding comics and made burned me with his beautiful, tardy hand after three issues. Regardless, nobody can draw wicked lumpy people and lazy eyes like you, Frank.


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