Master of Kung Fu #19

Burning moss
Meant for you
Only a matter of time

So far as I can tell, this issue is one of only a handful that place Master of Kung Fu within the Marvel Universe. It’s already astounding enough that a comic book devoted to the Kung Fu craze lasted years past its peak, but to do so without continual support from the more popular kids from the Marvel universe is quite the accomplishment.

Hunted through the everglades by two assassins and riding high on Fu Manchu’s narcotics, Shang Chi runs into both Man-Thing and David Carradine. The series begins to soften its tone, revealing that the former assassin is now hesitant to take the life of even the most heinous of henchmen. Englehart tempers this disappointment by comparing Shang Chi’s own willingness to serve Fu Manchu with those of his enemies, blurring the line between the various pawns in this game.

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