Dragon Lady Comics

“The Dragon Lady is everything a mortal could ask for.” – Orson Welles

I stopped by the Dragon Lady Comics today to pay my respects. It wasn’t my regular, and it was too far away from most of my other stops for me to visit every time I visited Toronto. But once in awhile I would make the effort and hike it from the bus station out to Little Italy, saving the money I could spend on transit to use on classic comic strip reprints instead. Odds are good that I would have delved into the old masters of the adventure strip eventually, but I wouldn’t have done so as early and with as much vigour as I did upon discovering the work of Roy Crane, Milt Caniff, Noel Sickles and Frank Robbins while rummaging through the bins at Dragon Lady Comics. I left the store with their last two Johnny Hazard books and dust all over my fingertips.

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