Room Runners

I’m still working on the Mickey Mouse comic strip collection, but one of my favourite parts so far was a complete surprise to me; the earliest strips by legendary animator Ub Iwerks. They’re absolutely stunning, and worth the price of admission alone. Flipping through his strips prompted me to check out one of the cartoons from the studio he founded after leaving Disney.

I had heard some pretty nasty things about the cartoons that came out of Iwerks’ studio, and if Room Runners is any indication they’re all true. There’s something sad about a mischievious cartoon character whose clever ploy to get out of a scrape is to hand his adversary a doorknob. And while I find it hard to fault a cartoon of this vintage for its crude animation, at the very least the best examples I’ve seen from that era tried to do something that justified the medium. Oh, well. At least there was plenty of scandalous pre-Code action.

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