Hanging Up Is Free

I haven’t read Nagy’s personal blog in a long time, mainly because it seemed he had slowed down due to his professional blogging obligations. I decided to check up on him via a link found in our fighting game discussion and was surprised to see so much material. Nothing like living in isolation thousands of kilometres from home to ramp up the posting.

The first post to greet me was Nagy’s take on Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s visit to the Rose City. I can’t believe that fucker walked into Rose City, spouted off about banning a product used by many in the act of smoking the chron, and walked out again without getting shanked.

4 Responses to “Hanging Up Is Free”

  1. doug nagy Says:

    I hope he knows how lucky he is

  2. Gary Says:

    a fashionable monster

  3. Steven Says:

    I can’t believe you still remember the fashionable monster.

  4. Gary Says:

    How could I forget. Really though, I never thought of it until now but Harper really is a fashionable monster! Not necessarily (but yeah) in the psychological sense, but physically he meets all requirements.

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