Baby Got High Compression Heap

Hidden within my stacks of Archie comics are a handful of knock-offs. The cover of this issue of Binky’s Buddies caught my eye while I was looking for something for the return of Archie Thursdays. Am I just unaware of the slang of the times, or is this completely filthy?

Urban Dictionary confirms one possible interpretation of ‘ignition’, and it’s a little shocking for a DC comic. Nothing really matches ‘carburetors’, though the addition of the word ‘twin’ gives us some clue as to its use here. But what about ‘heap’? Is that similar to ‘junk in the trunk’? And if so, what does it mean for Peggy’s butt? That she gains more power when ignited due to increased expansion of hot gas?

I can’t even guess how Peggy figured that this was directed to her in the first place, but I have to give her props for those pants.

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  1. Gary Says:

    I’m digging that chicky-boo’s legs

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